Why are Young People Unhappy?

Why are Young People Unhappy?.

But: ARE young people unhappy? Who/ what says this? For me, its a question just thrown to us fellow bloggers :-((

There are quite a lot stats here. Sure some work!? What is intriguing me here: Where it applies, is inflation out of the figures? You know, stats might prove – or disprove – just anything that can be expressed in figures.

You looked into my blog The Dominican? I did not (yet) talk about aspects of happiness in Dominican Republic. But, motivated by your blog, I will try to post some thoughts about this aspect of life in La Republica Dominicana. One tends to generalize that people living in tropic countries tend to a visibly more happiness- relaxed lifestyle. I will most probably – and yet did – find reasons why, always on a not-so empiric basis, like the warm and thus friendly climate, music, easy going lifestyle, even under difficult economic circumstances, just to mention.

A quote out of your text: “formula for happiness”. Could you, please, deliver that formula? Einstein would be thrilled :-))