Brandnew: Jacks Rain Forest Orchestra in Action, MP3

Now: Listen to this masterpiece of mine :-)) Seriously, I “composed” and put it together by playing my KORG WAVEDRUM, a device I own now quite a while. Its exciting what you can do with it without having indepth knowledge of music or percussion. One can choose from kind of a “bank” of sounds and rhythms, but then you can really compose your own tunes. Affords a little study of the manual and practice.

On YouTube there are quite a few nice examples recorded and presented. Try them. And if ever you got questions about that Wavedrum thing: Just shoot, I am with you!

I would LOVE to read your comments about it.

You ever got involved in corruption?

Most of you will deny. But not if you ever lived in Dominican Republic, La Republica Dominicana. O.K., in many, many other countries its part of daily life, hate to say :-(( Third world countries are vulnerable to it first and, but others too, look at Latinoamerican societies.

 But our topic here is Dominican Republic, DR. Want examples? Just an excerpt:

  • Getting my ID, the Cedula including the residency, the permanent! Within 48 hours!!!
  • Avoiding jail because of a traffic accident.
  • Catching a thief of my personal belongings.
  • Avoiding jail in an incident case of public drunkness (!)
  • Speeding up the procedure for getting my drivers licence.
  • Avoiding a heavy fine in traffic issues.
  • And man, many more. I will keep you posted

Just follow my very blog here. See you then :-))


What does one need to (the documents, I mean) live ‘legal’ in Dominican Republic?

 Although Dominican Republic, La Republica Dominicana, is still known as one oft the countries where the law is not so rigid, one needs his personal ID called LA CEDULA. A Photo ID in credit card format with your photo and an area for electronic datas and – most important – thumb-fingerprint.  

La Cedula Dominicana, the Dominican ID

La Cedula Dominicana, the Dominican ID

La Residencia – permanent or provisional – residency goes hand in hand with La Cedula. Once you got these documents issued, you can consider yourself as legal, documentado. You will not need a passport. Every time you got some paperwork to deal with, you will be asked for the cedula. In fact, you are expected to know the long numbers it bears par coeur, if not you will get strange looks. Well, as a Gringo you might get some excuses :-))

How to get these documents, and how did I get them? I will tell you in my ongoing Blog here, stay attentive.

El Presidente or La Presidente?


See a difference? hugh, sorry Presidente! One got a male (El), the other female (La) article, Which is more popular? Of course, sorry Mister President: Its La Presidente, the Dominican national beer, tipo Pilsner. The other is the actual president of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, elected 16. august 2012 for a four-year term.

Which men do (intend to) marry Dominican girls?

Dominican Girl that for once is not presented semi-nude

Dominican Girl that for once is not presented semi-nude

You want a – not-so-scientific – profile of the men that married Dominican girls, it could show the following:

  • old or elder
  • not attractive
  • not rich
  • married before
  • …and some more….

There are quite a few men who travel to Dominican republic, La Republica Dominicana,  with the intention getting know a local girl. Now, where to find such a girl? A part from “agencies” I mean. Discos, bars, discos, bars, beaches, bars, discos, beaches….. That’s about the choice. Very rich choice, isn’t-it? Seriously: These ARE the places. And here most of the patrons become disillusioned. Not by the choice presented, no! There is a wide selection where one could pick the girl of ones dream. But be cautious: These women will not represent an average Dominican female. A foreigner without close contacts to locals will hardly get in contact with the “normal” Dominicana. Why? A Dominicana will barely frequent discos where gringos, as foreigners are called here, present a majority of the guests. So, what will a to-be-don-juan find? Women who walk the line, on a very narrow borderline from housewife to prostitution. Such a girl would ponder the chances in between just chatting – but in what language? – and getting laid – and paid.

Now, once a gringo gets to know a Dominican woman, it becomes obvious that circumstances of “such” or any Dominicanas live are not as expected: A Dominicana aged over 20 will have kids, yes in plural. She was married before, but HOW was she married? The Spanish word is “casada” and that can mean married by the law, the church or just living together. That just to brighten your view. She got kids? Means, you will marry them together with the mother. Because Dominican fathers are very smart when it comes to not-pay-alimonies. The girl will want some kind of security, a well stocked bank account would be welcome. And/ or a ranchito, a house or a shack, depending on the girls expectations. See? It comes to money. And what will you get? Might fall into a very, very wide range. Feelings? Dominicanas are known as being without illusions. They will swear you eternal love but be prudent. Most of them lost their illusions quite early in their lives.

So, how and where can one find a “nice”, educated girl? Ask around, start a small job, do some benevolent work, visit church or schools, that kind of things. Wish you good luck, you will need it!

Thiefs, omnipresent in the Dominican Republic.

Have you ever been the victim of robbery, simple theft or a scam? When living in DR its only a matter of (usually short) time and you will claim it for you. Its so omnipresent that nobody really complains. One just will mourn the loss of a possession, depending on the value and consider himself lucky if there was no hurt involved. Ladrones -thiefs – operate without shame in public. Widespread in public places – although it can not been claimed specially for that country – is the snatchaway theft: One is walking by and suddenly a criminal as a passenger of a scooter or motorcycle snatches with a swift, expert move the victims` purse, handbag or whatever is left carelessly at the side. And gone it is. No way to fight it, this could end up in violence. Therefore, seasoned citizens will take every precaution possible to avoid exposure to potential theft.

I heard of cases where victims were cut with a machete, the tool/ weapon of a Dominican man. Since it is considered a weapon, you are officially not allowed to wear it in public. But where is the difference between those two terms in practice? And I know, about every Dominican has one tucked away under the cars seat, thus handy accessible if need for it.

Another lesson: Dont, don’t ever leave possessions unwatched just for seconds, it will be gone. That applies for small things, like a shopping bag or bigger “items” like a scooter, even a car! Dont believe it? I myself had once to do at an office just on a parking lot and left my scooter, secured by the lock. As I emerged five minutes later of the said office: No more scooter, I didn’t trust my very eyes! I looked around, thought about it a moment, but no way: My scooter was gone. There were people around, although not to many. Result of my reflexions was, this was not the work of just one person: The lock had to be cracked, and/ or the scooter lifted onto a pickup’s platform. I was very angry, but what was there to be done? Go to the police and put a criminal charge against unknown third parties. Fortunately, I had copies of the vehicles` papers, if not the policemen at the police station would just have me brushed off. So I had to wait my turn at the departemento de robos, the theft department. The officer took my appeal without showing any eagerness. Of course, considering the amount of cases that were deposited. He mumbled something like “necessito gasolina para el vehiculo”, means “I need some money for the gas of my vehicle” I tried not to show to much of a surprised face. I handed him a not-to-big bill and left, being told to come back within some days. Although I didn’t count to much on resolution of that case, I returned twice, no result. So I had to write it off on behalf of “experience made in DR”. I would just be more prudent in the future. Finally, the vehicle was an old, battered one, but still very useful for my daily commuting on a cheap basis. 

Now, do you want to learn about different classes of thiefs in the DR (well, not only there) I should not mention it, but since I am abroad now, it would not hurt me. And: It was no more no less as the truth, the daily lifes truth in this country. Biggest thiefs, a common opinion is, are politicians. Yes, the elected species of people who got the opportunity to put their hands on peoples properties, directly or indirectly. For instance by corruption which is omnipresent too, not really a secret. Take lawyers: You hand rhem over a “case”, he will – of course – ask for an advance. Now bet, this money will never, ever show up again, whatever the outcome of the case. More examples? Yes, there are, but I will leave it as it is.

Why are Young People Unhappy?

Why are Young People Unhappy?.

But: ARE young people unhappy? Who/ what says this? For me, its a question just thrown to us fellow bloggers :-((

There are quite a lot stats here. Sure some work!? What is intriguing me here: Where it applies, is inflation out of the figures? You know, stats might prove – or disprove – just anything that can be expressed in figures.

You looked into my blog The Dominican? I did not (yet) talk about aspects of happiness in Dominican Republic. But, motivated by your blog, I will try to post some thoughts about this aspect of life in La Republica Dominicana. One tends to generalize that people living in tropic countries tend to a visibly more happiness- relaxed lifestyle. I will most probably – and yet did – find reasons why, always on a not-so empiric basis, like the warm and thus friendly climate, music, easy going lifestyle, even under difficult economic circumstances, just to mention.

A quote out of your text: “formula for happiness”. Could you, please, deliver that formula? Einstein would be thrilled :-))


King’s Court Steakhouse & Restaurant – Meet & Greet Oct 5, 2013

Hi King,
Still going streng? Me I just loooove steaks, but the tender ones which Rover here in Europa are terrible expensive commodity :-((
Got any new great receipe?
Greets Form ZÜRICH, Switzerland, Land of good food Hoi

King's Court Steakhouse & Restaurant

During Rutherfordton, NC’s Hilltop Fall Festival this coming Saturday in downtown Rutherfordton, King’s Court Steakhouse will have its doors open to show off the newly opening location. The restaurant won’t be open for business yet but you can come in and take a look around and take home a menu for when we do open in the next couple of weeks.

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What is on a typical Dominican Menu, La Bandera Dominicana for inst

The typic Dominican Dish Bandera Dominicana, besause of its 3 couls

The typic Dominican Dish: La Bandera Dominicana, besause of its 3 colours.

The Dominican Flag, La Bandera Dominicana with its Coat of Arms Centershield.

The Dominican Flag, La Bandera Dominicana with its Coat of Arms Centershield.

La Bandera Dominicana wears three colours, red, white and blue. Since Dominicans are very creative when it comes to food, la comida, too, they babtizized the most popular plate LA BANDERA DOMINICANA. Its not strictly of fixed ingredients, but rice makes the most important part of it. Anyway, rice is dayly commodity in Dominican households. It is bought by saccos, sacs of 50 punds, usually at payday if and when that occurs. Once this provision is finished in between paydays, the good housewife buys her rize in dayly quantities. She asks for cien pesos de arroz, rize for one hundred peosos for instance. Or she hands over an empty cup to fill it up and thus getting charged for the volume she got, say half a litre. Since the housewife might not have money on her til payday arrives, she will get it fiao, on credit. thats the usual way doing shopping, only replaced now gradually by new Supermarket chains who introduce modern times when it comes to shopping, too. This is a pity, because thus one more tradition disappears more and more in the barrios or villages, the social gatherings at the colmados, where housewifes exchange daily rumors and news of the day.

Where have we been, oh yes, the Dominican menu, La Bandera Dominicana. Since it consists of three colours, we need two more. What about habichuelas, black,  white or red beans cooked for a long twith a somptuous salsa. And then it depends on the budget. Pollo – chicken – or even porc, when the purse does allow it. if not, there might be platanos, fried plantains which appear and taste similar to french fries. Another variety might be typical dominican vegetables, for instance patatas, sweet potatoes or other viberes as similar root vegetables are called which have a long tradition on the island. and got a high nutrition value. But as mentioned, rice is the premium food on the island, in the Caribbean in general. I  was joking, saying that a dominican who didnt get at least once a day his rice portion would suffer of addiction symtpoms…… Problem for the dominican economy is, that, due to the fast-growing population, more and more rice has to be imported. And imports are costly for the economy, transportation, the customs, hard currenccy, means US Dollars etc.